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The Tragedy of Macbeth Essay Summary Example For Students

The Tragedy of Macbeth Essay Summary Macbeth is a story about Good versus Evil on one mans mind. It is a tail about how a brave and intelligent man deliberately murders one of his fellowmen: his friend, his relative, his guest, and his king; as a consequence of his first murder, kill two other innocent men. Macbeth has lust for power and brings absolute destruction on himself and his family. When he cannot turn away from his evil course, it leads him to further appalling crimes and finally to disgrace, alienation, isolation, despair, and a violent death. In Act, one Scene 3, three witches are talking to Macbeth. Macbeth is not quite sure what to think of these prophesies-whether they are good or bad-and struggles with their possible significance. At this point in the play, Macbeth is good nature and finds his thoughts of murder. His mind focuses less on the reality of the present and focuses more on the possibilities of the future, thus his ambition takes over and becomes the single driving force in his life. Macbeths conscious is raising serious doubts as to whether or not he should kill Duncan. We will write a custom essay on The Tragedy of Macbeth Summary specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now He is worried not only that he may make a mistake and ruin his chance of attaining the throne, but also that Duncans virtues arouse so much pity that damnation will come upon his murderer. Macbeth is definitely not comfortable with killing Duncan. Finally, he recognizes his ambition, and the fact that it may cause him to falter. Act two Scene 1 Macbeths inner struggle and mental anguish is so great that he is now hallucinating, as he sees a dagger before him. He realizes that this dagger is a product of his feverish mind. At this point in the play, evil thoughts and deeds horrify Macbeth. This is shown when the imagined dagger returns, with blood on it. Lady Macbeth says that the alcohol that made the attendants drunk has given her courage. Omens of death wish the king a good night, and Macbeth is going to kill him, as the drunken attendants are unconscious. When Macbeth shows up, she is afraid they woke up and it did not work. She would have done it if Duncan did not look like her fate. Macbeth did it though (killed him). One attendant woke up and said Murder but then they went back to sleep. In Act IV, Scene 2 Lady Macduff is wondering why her husband left. She thinks he was mad, looking like a traitor, loveless and cowardly to leave his family and possessions. Ross tries to comfort her, telling her he knows what is wrong at that moment. Lady Macduff has an interesting conversation with her son Sirrah about what they will do without a father. The messenger tells her to leave, that she is in danger. Lady Macduff does not know where to go, and she has done no wrong. As she realizes that doing well is sometimes a bad thing. The murderers arrive kill the son, but Lady Macduff escapes. Act V, Scene 3 Macbeth is wondering how the prophecy will come true, and tries to remain confident. Macbeth comforts his servant for seeming afraid but is told of the English forces. Macbeth tells Seyton this revolt will either remove or leave him happy, as right now he has none of things due a man of old age. Macbeth asks for his armor, planning to defend himself to the end. Macbeth asks the doctor to cure his wife. The doctor wishes he were not there. Malcolm hopes to regain the safety they once had. Menteith is sure it will happen. Malcolm tells each soldier to cut down a large tree branch and put it in front of him, thereby camouflaging himself. The scouts will think there are less of them that way. Macbeth waits in his castle, his only hope of defense. Though they have hopes of what they want to accomplish, now is the time for actual blows and battle to win. Macbeth says let them come to the castle; he can hold them off. 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EssayMacbeth has forgotten what it is like to be afraid; having as much fear as a man can bear. Macbeth wishes his wife had died later, at a better time. He comments on how life passes at this little speed, with people dying after a futile life. Macbeth says the messenger comes to speak. He should give his report quickly. The messenger, unsure of how to report what he saw, says Birnham wood appeared to move, thus the prophecy is fulfilled. Macbeth starts wishing this were just all over and prepares for death fighting. Macbeth knows he is stuck fighting, and he wonders who was not born of woman. Macbeth tell Young Siward who he is, and Macbeth says he should be not just hateful but fearful to Young Siwards ears. Macbeth says he does not fear any not of woman born and kills Young Siward. Macduff says he must kill Macbeth to avenge his family, and only Macbeth. By the noise of Macbeths armor, he locates him. Siward explains the battle is easy. Malcolm enters the castle. Macbeth asks why he should kill himself when the wounds he might inflict upon himself would look better upon his living enemies. Macbeth says he has avoided Macduff and does not want to kill him after killing his family. Macduff says he will speak with his sword instead of words. Macbeth says that Macduff will not hurt him. Macduff then reveals that he was ripped from his mothers womb while she died. Macbeth is angry to discover that the prophecy will come true and only provided him false hope. Macduff tells him to give up and explains he will be put on a pole and displays as a tyrant. Macbeth says he will try despite the prophecy rather than yield to Malcolm. Malcolm wishes no one had to die, but Siward says it is necessary and the cost was not that high for such a good day. Ross tells Siward that Young Siward, who just became a man in fighting, died. He tells him not to have sorrow, though. Siward says he died well. Macduff hails Malcolm as king holding Macbeths head. Although Macbeth started out as a good character evil became a factor. He listens to the prophecy and not to his heart, which lead him in the wrong direction. Power is a big factor through the whole play. That is all the characters fight about, and in the end, Malcolm becomes king and Macbeth losses his head. Therefore, which is more important, power or your life That is for you to decide.

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5 Words That Dont Mean What You Think They Mean

5 Words That Don't Mean What You Think They Mean You keep using that word, Inigo Montoya says to Vizzini in The Princess Bride. I do not think it means what you think it means. The word that Vizzini so frequently misuses in the film is inconceivable. But its not hard to imagine other words that hold different meanings for different people. Meanings that may even be contradictory- literally so. Of course, its not unusual for word meanings to change  over time. Some words (such as nice, which once meant silly or ignorant) even reverse their connotations. Whats especially intriguing- and often perplexing- is to observe such changes in our own time. To show you what we mean, lets take a look at five words that may not mean what you think they mean: literally, fulsome, ravel, peruse, and plethora. Literally Meaningless? In contrast to  figuratively, the adverb literally means in a literal or strict sense- word for word. But many speakers have a habit of using the word quite unliterally as an intensifier. Take this example from a speech given by former Vice President Joe Biden: The next president of the United States is going to be delivered to the most significant moment in American history since Franklin Roosevelt. He will have such an incredible opportunity not only to change the direction of America but literally, literally to change the direction of the world.(Senator Joseph Biden, speaking in Springfield, Illinois, August 23, 2008) Although most dictionaries recognize the contrary uses of the word, many usage authorities (and SNOOTs) argue that the hyperbolic sense of literally has eroded its literal meaning. Full of Fulsome If your boss showers you with fulsome praise, dont presume that a promotion is in the works. Understood in its traditional sense of offensively flattering or insincere, fulsome has decidedly negative connotations. But in recent years, fulsome has picked up the more complimentary meaning of full, generous, or abundant. So is one definition more correct or appropriate than the other?Guardian Style (2007), the usage guide for writers on Englands Guardian newspaper, describes fulsome as another example of a word that is almost never used correctly. The adjective means cloying, excessive, disgusting by excess, says editor David Marsh, and is not, as some appear to believe, a clever word for full.Nevertheless, both senses of the word appear regularly in the pages of the Guardian- and just about everywhere else. Tributes, praise, and apologies are often characterized as fulsome without a hint of sarcasm or ill will. But in a book review for The Independent in which Jan Morris described the mistress of Lord Nelson as grotesque, obese and fulsome, we sense she had in mind the older meaning of the word. Having it both ways can lead to confusion. When an economics reporter for Time magazine recalls fulsome times, does he simply mean a prosperous era or is he passing judgment on an age of self-indulgent excess? As for the New York Times writer who gushed over a building with great banks of metal windows, set in a rich screen of glazed terra cotta, particularly fulsome on the second floor, exactly what he meant is anybodys guess. Unraveling the Meaning of Raveling If the verb  unravel means to unknot, unscramble, or untangle, its only logical to assume that ravel must mean the opposite- to tangle or complicate. Right?Well, yes and no. You see, ravel is both an antonym and a synonym for unravel. Derived from the Dutch word for a loose thread, ravel can mean either to tangle or untangle, to complicate or clarify. That makes ravel an example of a Janus word- a word (like sanction or wear) that has opposite or contradictory meanings.And that probably helps to explain why ravel is so rarely used: you never know if its coming together or falling apart. Perusing a New Janus Word Another Janus word is the verb  peruse. Since the Middle Ages, peruse has meant to read or examine, usually with great care: perusing a document means studying it carefully. Then a funny thing happened. Some people starting using peruse as a synonym for skim or scan or read quickly- the opposite of its traditional meaning. Most editors still reject this novel usage, dismissing it (in Henry Fowlers phrase) as a slipshod extension- that is, stretching a word beyond its conventional meanings.But keep an eye on your dictionary, for as weve seen, this is one of the ways in which language changes. If enough people continue to stretch the meaning of peruse, the inverted definition may eventually supplant the traditional one. A Plethora of Piatas In this scene from the 1986 film  ¡Three Amigos!,  the villainous character El Guapo is talking with Jefe, his right-hand man: Jefe: I have put many beautiful pià ±atas in the storeroom, each of them filled with little surprises.El Guapo: Many pià ±atas?Jefe: Oh yes, many!El Guapo: Would you say I have a plethora of pià ±atas?Jefe: A what?El Guapo: A plethora.Jefe: Oh yes, you have a plethora.El Guapo: Jefe, what is a plethora?Jefe: Why, El Guapo?El Guapo: Well, you told me I have a plethora. And I just would like to know if you know what a plethora is. I would not like to think that a person would tell someone he has a plethora, and then find out that that person has no idea what it means to have a plethora.Jefe: Forgive me, El Guapo. I know that I, Jefe, do not have your superior intellect and education. But could it be that once again, you are angry at something else, and are looking to take it out on me?(Tony Plana and Alfonso Arau as Jefe and El Guapo in  ¡Three Amigos!, 1986) Regardless of his motive, El Guapo asks a fair question: just what is a plethora? As it turns out, this Greek and Latin hand-me-down is an example of a word that has undergone amelioration- that is, an upgrade in meaning from a negative sense to a neutral or favorable connotation. At one time plethora meant an overabundance or unhealthy excess of something (too many pià ±atas). Now its commonly used as a non-judgmental synonym for a large quantity (a lot of pià ±atas).

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Paragraph Task Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Paragraph Task - Essay Example Junk food is very high in cholesterol, fats, and carbohydrates. â€Å"It probably comes with no surprise that larger portion sizes are associated with higher caloric intake† (Rossen and Rossen, 2012, p. 65). Body converts the excessive sugar into fat. The more the sugar intake, the more the fat stored. The second major cause of obesity is lack of physical activity. Many people today are living a sedentary lifestyle and use vehicles for traveling. Likewise, people keep servants at home rather than doing the domestic works themselves. The third main cause of obesity is lack of education. Advertisements convey information in such a complicated manner that common man cannot understand the nutritional value of the product. In addition to that, there is a lot of conflicting information about the food items, which leaves people puzzled. Obesity has many negative implications both on the individuals and the society at large. Overfeeding children grow up into overeating adults. They ca nnot do exercise. Obesity lowers self-esteem, thus causing people to seek refuge in comfort eating. Obesity causes many medical complications including heart problems, and diabetes. Most of the factors are both causes and effects of obesity. Furthermore, obesity makes people lazy. In the past, being fat was considered a sign of prosperity, but today people have to bear its cost. Avoid obesity requires a complete change in the lifestyle. People need to combine good common-sense eating with more activity. People should adopt healthy living earlier to avoid the consequences of obesity later in life. Reflection Topic Sentence I started my new paragraph with a topic sentence. While choosing and organizing the words to make my topic sentence, I had three factors in my mind; length, indication, and appeal. Firstly, I wanted to keep my topic sentence concise because wordy topic sentences are misleading and confusing whereas I wanted my topic sentence to be very to the point. Secondly, I wan ted to select such a topic sentence that would indicate what claim or argument is made in the paragraph following it. Thirdly, I wanted my topic sentence to reflect the appeal or tone of the whole paragraph so that the readers know it upfront. These three factors when considered while making the topic sentence help the readers know what to expect in the paragraph. Tenses Tenses indicate the gravity of an issue. For example, in my supporting sentences, I made used of both past and present continuous tenses to emphasize that obesity has been a health risk to the society in the past and has not subsided yet, but is rather growing in rate and effects. Most of the supporting sentences are written in present tense because the effects of obesity have always been as mentioned, are, and will continue to be as such. Grammar Appropriate selection of adjectives, comparatives, and transitive words help the writer incorporate expression in the text. In my paragraph, I used adjectives before nouns like â€Å"greasy† burgers and â€Å"fizzy† soft-drinks to reflect their images in the readers’ minds while they read, along with the feel they get while consuming them, so that they can relate to what they read. I emphasized on the gravity of consequences of obesity by using such comparatives as â€Å"more† and â€Å"very†. I reflected different phases of time in the sentences by making use of such comparatives as â€Å"earlier† and â€Å"later†. I linked the sentences to one another by using such transitive words as

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Measuring Team Performance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Measuring Team Performance - Essay Example Reaching the goals means identifying some of the strategies, formal or informal’ (McNamara, 2007b). Therefore, it is apparent that the four major management functions namely planning, leading organizing and controlling are interdependent with a failure/success in one determining the fate of the others. The performance standards that are to be met by the employees are set in the planning process. It is important for the management to understand that all the activities to be performed win the organization need to have their predefined standards (Erven, n.d). It is thus the role of the management to ensure that the employees are conforming to the laid down standards. McNamara (2007b) observed that the evaluation and review of performance ‘provides an opportunity for the supervisors and the employees to regularly communicate about goals’. The managers need to understand that ‘lowering the standards to what has been attained is not a solution to performance problems. On the other hand, a manager does need to the standards when they are fund to be unattainable due to resource limitation and factors external to the business’ (Erven, n.d). As such, the controlling process helps to identify the possible problems that may arise to deter the organization’s pr ogress. Since the controlling process is aimed at identifying how employees conform to the standards, the required steps are taken depending on the outcome. If the performance by the employees is established to be substandard, ‘then preventive action must be taken to ensure that the problem does not recur. If performance is greater than or equal to standards, [then] it is useful to reinforce behaviors that led to the acceptable standards’ (Erven, n.d). Thus, controlling, as a management function is analogous to quality control in a production company. As McNamara (2007b) described, quality control involves ‘specifying a performance standard, monitoring

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Marketing for low income people (Gillette Vs Nivea) Research Paper

Marketing for low income people (Gillette Vs Nivea) - Research Paper Example Nivea brand is one of the famous skin and beauty brands in the globe due to its intense and cultivating marketing strategies. The advancement of the brand is attributed to its extensive ranges of products worldwide like the moisturizers, deodorants, and shower products. These brands have magnificent appeals to both segments, especially the high income segment of customers, yet Nivea products sell across all segments. On the other hand, Gillette has evolved its marketing strategies approaches over the past few years to establish a more consumer-focused approach. The company has successfully installed brand confidence among the increasingly skeptical male consumer base in the world. Acquisition of new customers often results from the implementation of a product strategy. Products attract new customers by offering new features, eliminating old problems, and solving different needs. Products will be matched with viable market segments. Product development is a marketing strategy in which new goods and services are developed and then added to current lines (Bergh & Behrer, 2013). These are marketed to existing customers. Product diversification occurs when new goods and services are created for new market segments not currently served by the company. Unmet needs, cultural trends, and other developments lead to development and diversification strategies. Recent cultural trends associated with diet have led to new food products, while the desire for connectivity has been associated with the creation of new electronic devices. One key to developing products is following through with a well-designed plan of implementation that brings the whole company into the process. Product improvements solve specific problems. Many products have been made smaller, faster, more efficient, and more user-friendly over the years. Product improvements may help firm capture new customers and acquire competitors’ customers

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Online Sales Tax Policy

Online Sales Tax Policy Intro As the past several years majority of the retail item purchase are transitioning to the internet, which cause more fiscal distress for the states because they weren’t able to collect taxes for sales generated online from outer states that are not physically presence in the state. The Amazon laws often reference by the attempt by the states to capture taxes on internet sales are being wildly adapted to capture the uncollected revenue for the states. The Market Place Fairness Act (Amazon Tax) arise recently to authorize states to impose internet sales tax if the states are member of the SSUTA. However major states like California and Illinois s are still resisting these Amazon laws to be implemented. So far only 20 states collect sales tax from internet retailers. This is a problem because these Amazon laws has been proven to decrease employment in the online retail market, decrease business investment and create future monopolistic problem. Last year Amazon spends 1.8 million d ollars hiring seven law firms to lobby Washington, hiring 9 lobbyist from each firm to fight this issue in the congress. In addition to these lobbyist also recruited two senate majority leader Trend Lott R-Miss and former Sen John Breaux, D –LA. Amazon is among at least 135 companies and group that have lobbied for sales tax bill this year. Their interest is to abolish these sales tax law so these online retail companies can gain competitive advantage against local retail stores and increase their company’s revenue. The key opposition actors are the Department of Revenue from each opposing state and certain congressman who wanted to collected these sales tax which estimated to be more than 10 billion each year and will continue to grow in the next 5 years. The major disagreement is about the definition companies’ physical presence in the state and if tax is necessary from conducting sales from outside state. The major agreement is that there needs to be quick an d firm action to set up these policies because the numbers of online retail stores are growing and the policy needs to be in place to prevent confusion in the future. Well established corporation giant like Amazon and other Big online retail stores are most likely to influence the decision in the policy making process because due to their size, employment effort and political lobbying effort, their interest is most likely going to be recognized. Journals The first journal that we are going to examine is the evidence of how online sales taxes influences buyers’ behavior using the data source of 25000 people, the results shows that taxation plays an important role in online commerce. Especially for people living in places with higher taxes, those shoppers are much more likely to buy things over the internet. The results shows that there is a reason why there is such a different level of technological sophistication and shopping behavior with different locations. With this study, existing sales tax to internet will reduce the number of online buyers by as much as 24 percent. In total the results of this study shoes that taxes and prices difference is the main factor of purchase decision, and important role for individual floating money to other systems and people migrating to other states or even other countries, thus creating a world without borders. The second research journal is from Stanford also examine the sensitivity report of Internet retail market. The first results in this paper shows a â€Å"tax surprises†. The study found that interested buyer falls roughly two percent for every one percent point increase in sales tax. The sensitivity changes depend on the type of item there is . The second report uses sales tax at the state level. Where one percent point increase in states sales tax will lead to 3-6 percent decrease in line purchase form home state sellers. Analysis The Market Place Fairness Act is the currently status quo. Where it grants states authority of collect online and catalog retailers, no matter which state they are located, to collect sales tax at the time of the transaction. It is the exact same process that local retailers are required to do. However there is a catch that the States must simplify their sales tax laws to make those tax collection. The State has an option to join the twenty four states that have adopted the Stream Sales and Use Tax Agreement. Or another option would be that the state establish a uniform sales tax base throughout the state and determine sales tax rate of out of state. The reason why this Act was implemented because retail has drastically changed from forty six years ago. Majority of the online sales are shipped from tax exempt state and therefore allowed to be tax free. In order to fix this issue of a tax â€Å"loophole† and also, increase tax revenue, the act was set up in place. The majority stakeholder of this policy is the Department of Revenue from each state. Where due to increase cost and increase in unemployment the states are unable to find new revenue source to collect from. By implementing this policy the State is able to collect 300 plus million dollars each year. On a national level, the total tax revenue from this bill will come out to 23 billion. Another major stakeholder of this policy is the National Retail Federation. Which is made up by large retail businesses such as Walmart, Target and BestBuy, Where the company operates with physical presence in the State. The National Retail Association argued that without an online sales tax it will create and unfair competitive advantage for the online retail business and causing lost revenue from its store. Traditional brick and mortar businesses view this as a tax loophole The second policy is no online sales tax for companies who do not have a physical presence in the states. There are several reason why people favor this policy. First online sales tax is deem unconstitutional and serves as an discrimination against online businesses. According to Illinois Supreme court â€Å"Justice Anne Burke, writing for the courts majority, questioned whether there was any substantial difference between out-of-state businesses reaching Illinois consumers through a click-through-nexus approach or through other approaches that arent taxed.† The click-through link makes it easier for the customer to reach the out-of-state retailer, Burke wrote. But the link is not different in kind from advertising using promotional codes that appear, for example, in Illinois newspapers or Illinois radio broadcasts. The second reason why people oppose having online sales tax is because, the Market Fairness Act forces business to collect taxes on their own expense. Small business are already suffering low profit margin in online market, if the States requires online business to collect taxes it will drastically make the tax collection process difficult. The main stakeholder for this policy is the Internet Association Group. The group is made up by internet companies like Amazon, Facebook and Ebay, where they are conduct business online rather than having a physical retail store. The third Policy is a modify policy for the Market Place Fairness Act. Where the States only collect online sales taxes with company that is generating more than 1 million revenue per year. The design of this policy is specifically made for small business. Because collecting sales tax clearly hurts sales. The government wants to exempt small businesses from having to collect any online taxes, therefore making the crowded online retail market place more competitive friendly. The major stake holder for this policy is the small online business, where they are generating small margins of profit from their online sales. This tax exempt will help small business to take off in a competitive business world and exempt from the tedious work of tax collection for the state. From this chart we can clearly point out the motivation behind Amazon Tax, the Department of Revenue is clearly losing 23 billion dollars every year for online sales tax that are not collected. The policy that I’m prescribing is policy number 2. Where this policy only require companies to pay taxes with physical presence in the state. Because I deem policy 1 and policy 3 unconstitutional and it’s a devastation to our economic well-being. Political Reason On October 19th 2013 the Illinois Supreme Court found the Market Place Fairness Act unconstitutional. It is unconstitutional because the court â€Å"find that there aren’t any substantial difference between out of state businesses reaching Illinois consumers through click through nexus approach or through other approaches that aren’t taxed. The coupon, discount and other advertisement link is no different from for example, Illinois newspaper or radio broadcasts.†. Under the Internet Freedom Tax Act States are prohibit to impose discriminatory internet only taxes on E commerce. So this policy should not even be raised up because it is unconstitutional in the first place. Furthermore, Amazon and other online retail companies do sales taxes on states that they have physical presence, therefore making the argument of â€Å"Amazon pays no sales tax† Invalid. The Trillion Dollar Reason Let’s examine the economic impact of this policy. Every year Amazon and other online retail companies invest billions of dollars into its supply chain management systems and information management systems. This costly investment is what makes online shopping more efficient, less costly than any other method in the retail world. If local government propose a sales tax on online sales, not only it decreases online sales, it also provides no incentives for small businesses to compete with physical retail stores because small businesses have no price/ logistical advantages compare to the physical retail store. Decrease in sales and fewer small businesses will lead to less investment into building warehouses, data centers, and transportation system and website development. Which will be the next trillion dollar industry. As a side note, because Amazon pays no sales tax. Traditional brick and mortar stores are force to increase its presence online, decrease cost of its product, decrease inefficient warehouses, hire more website/data/cloud developers and improve its delivery system. The benefit not only transition to the customers (reduce purchase cost) it also provides more job opportunities for people by introducing business competition. Employment When the State of Illinois tries to pass the Illinois Affiliates Law which required out of state online company to collect taxes on its affiliates. 1000 online retailers threatened to terminate their business relationship with the state. 9000 small business were lost. This example shows us that when a state tries to impose an internet sales tax, companies will terminate their relationship with the local affiliates. Not only this will cause less income for the people, it will stagnate employment in the future. The similar approach to terminating its affiliates will be found more if states continue to impose sales taxes on internet retail companies. Long term vs Short term Short term Step 1. To fix this issue first we need to repeal every Amazon Tax that is being implemented in states that collect Amazon Tax. Using Illinois Supreme Court’s findings and conclusion, I suspect that other states court will soon find this tax is unconstitutional and discriminating towards the online retail companies. By rejecting this tax, customers can enjoy no sales tax from online companies that do not have a physical presence in their state. Step 2. To further fix this issue in the short term, we need to fix issues mainly in the Department of Revenue. Right now due to the rising cost of welfare, Medicare and other cost, Department of Revenue is running out of budget on hand. To tackle this problem in the short term, there are several other polices that decrease spending in some area that are not efficient in the federal system. By convincing legislators that businesses are the future source of revenue for the government, our legislator can look elsewhere to decrease spending or transfer spending to other department. Long term To see the implication of my policy to work and to solve the root cause of the problem in the long term, we need to tackle the traditional brick and mortar businesses. By introducing competition from online retail stores, the brick and mortar businesses will have to increase its presence online and invest in online retail business. Walmart actually sees an increase in profit online since it starts to increase its presence online. Walmart is also adopting its inventory, transportation, online retail strategy from Amazon. In the long term, Walmart and other brick and mortar businesses will be able to price match with Amazon and also offer low cost goods and great online services to its customers. When we see traditional brick and mortar business adopt an online retail model, the issues of sales tax will not be surface. Sales Tax The root cause of the problem is actually the existence of sales tax. To fully see this problem go away, we need to examine the real purpose of sales tax in the long term. Should sales tax be implemented? Do states perform better without sales tax? Do sales tax hurt traditional brick and mortar business as well? Is Department of Revenue the sole winner of implementing sales tax? These are the issues that needs to be address in front of the legislator in order to abolish sales tax. By abolishing sales tax, the question of online tax will not be an issue anymore. Journals Alm, James, and Mikhail I. Melnik. 2005. â€Å"Sales Taxes and the Decision to Purchase Online.† Public Finance Review 33 (2): 184–212. Alm, James, and Mikhail I. Melnik. 2005. â€Å"Sales Taxes and the Decision to Purchase Online.† Public Finance Review 33 (2): 184–212. Mikesell, John, 1970. â€Å"Central Cities and Sales Tax Rate Differentials: The Border City Problem.† National Tax Journal 23 (2), 206–214. Mikesell, John, 1971. â€Å"Sales Taxation and the Border County Problem.† Quarterly Review of Economics and Business 11 (1), 23–29. Rohlin, Shawn, Stuart Rosenthal, and Amanda Ross, 2012. â€Å"Tax Avoidance and Business Location in a State Border Model.† Unpublished manuscript. Maxwell School, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY. Articles Studies Agree: A Sales Tax Increase Kills Jobs RSS. Web. 4 Dec. 2014.>.

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african americans in the civil war :: essays research papers fc

African-Americans in the Civil War The foundation for black participation in the Civil War began more than a hundred years before the outbreak of the war. Blacks in America had been in bondage since early colonial times. In 1776, when Jefferson proclaimed mankind’s inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the institution of slavery had become firmly established in America. Blacks worked in the tobacco fields of Virginia, in the rice fields of South Carolina, and toiled in small farms and shops in the North. Foner and Mahoney report in A House Divided, America in the Age of Lincoln that, â€Å"In 1776, slaves composed forty percent of the population of the colonies from Maryland south to Georgia, but well below ten percent in the colonies to the North.† The invention of the cotton gin by Eli Whitney in 1793 provided a demand for cotton thus increasing the demand for slaves. By the 1800’s slavery was an institution throughout the South, an institution in which slaves had few rights, and could be sold or leased by their owners. They lacked any voice in the government and lived a life of hardship. Considering these circumstances, the slave population never abandoned the desire for freedom or the determination to resist control by the slave owners. The slave's reaction to this desire and determination resulted in outright rebellion and individual acts of defiance. However, historians place the strongest reaction in the enlisting of blacks in the war itself. Batty in The Divided Union: The Story of the Great American War, 1861-65, concur with Foner and Mahoney about the importance of outright rebellion in their analysis of the Nat Turner Rebellion, which took place in 1831. This revolt demonstrated that not all slaves were willing to accept this â€Å"institution of slavery† passively. Foner and Mahoney note that the significance of this uprising is found in its aftermath because of the numerous reports of â€Å"insubordinate† behavior by sla ves. 8 Individual acts of defiance ranged from the use of the Underground Railroad - a secret, organized network of people who helped fugitive slaves reach the Northern states and Canada - to the daily resistance or silent sabotage found on the plantations. Stokesbury acknowledges in, A Short History of the Civil War, the existence of the Underground Railroad but disagrees with other historians as to its importance. He notes that it never became as well organized or as successful as the South believed.

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Mr. Butt

Stephen Butler Leacock (1869-1944) is a Canadian author. He will long be remembered for his best-selling book Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town (1912) as well as the numerous awards and honours he received during his illustrious lifetime as author, professor, lecturer and humourist. Leacock published Literary Lapses in 1910, with the financial assistance of his brother George. It is a best-of compilation of his previously published writings. It sold out quickly and propelled Leacock into being known as one of the most popular authors in the English-speaking world. In 1911, Leacock's collection of parodies, Nonsense Novels successfully followed. 1912 saw the release of Leacock's satirical masterpiece, Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town. Based on his many summers spent in Orillia, Ontario and other childhood experiences, it was very popular in Canada, the United States and England. His sanitization of city life, Arcadian Adventures with the Idle Rich, was published in 1914. And in 1915 the book â€Å"Moonbeams From the Larger Lunacy†. And it was a success. This book includes 17 parts. There are short stories that deal with real life of the author. It also includes the story â€Å"Afternoon Adventures At My Club†. And I am going to give a detailed characterization of the main character of its 9th chapter, â€Å"The Hallucination of Mr. Butt†, Mr. Butt. Stephen Leacock is famous for his brilliant ability to portray characters that represent different types of contemporary people. The characters he describes still exist nowadays, so we should collect the pieces of wisdom which he covered with his gleaming humour. And in this chapter we met an old man who used to come to the author’s club, as many of men did. But he was not the ordinary man, so that is why the author told us about him. We learn about Mr. Butt from the author’s direct commentary at the beginning and though his own appearance, actual speech, behavior and actions during the chapter. I am going analyze his personality through his speech in detail and touch upon his appearance, behavior and actions in brief. To begin with, I’d like to comment on the name Mr. Butt. It is closely charged with connotation, as the word â€Å"butt† in defined as † to hit or push against with the head or horns† in dictionaries. But I guess that the most interesting and appropriate connotation in our case is the definition of the phrasal verb â€Å"to butt in†: â€Å"to interfere or meddle in other people's affairs†. And I think that is what all this character is about. And there is also an interesting fact about this word. As soon as the story was published and read by a number of people the word â€Å"butt† get another meaning: â€Å"a person or thing that is an object of wit, ridicule, sarcasm, contempt, etc. † as the author treated his character with concealed irony and sarcasm. I’d translate the name â€Å"Mr. Butt† as  «  »into Russian. He was all around those who never needed his help, but he â€Å"insisted†. Such a name surely reflects his character which can be named â€Å"I-care-about-you-and-only-I-know-what-is-good-for-you†. Such a connotation of this person describes us all the way this man lived. We expect him to be a person who cared about everyone else’s business as much as he could. The chapter meets our mere expectations, and his name is in accord with his personality. Through the chapter we see Mr. Butt with the author’s eye, but he gives us his direct commentary only at the beginning. From what the author tells us about Mr. Butt, we realize that â€Å"at whatever cost of time and trouble to him† he helped people and even â€Å"insisted on helping them along†. The author also underlines the beaming face of Mr. Butt with his unstoppable eagerness â€Å"to some sort of benevolence†. All this draws a picture of a very thoughtful, exceptionally kind and sunny eager beaver, who should be a God’s gift to all the people he met. But it’s common knowledge that too much pudding will choke a dog. And if we read the author’s remarks more attentively we will easily come to a conclusion that Mr. Butt possessed many positive traits, but they were too exaggerated to seem positive. We read: â€Å"Whatever people appear to desire it or not† and we no longer suppose him to be thoughtful enough to be somebody’s shoulder on time, but not just all the time. As we all are used to find bad things in a person as soon as we said he is not very perfect at all, I will not reject such a unconscious â€Å"approach† to interpreting any man’s personality. So, seeking for some intolerant and pushy stuff to collect we can easily find the examples. He seemed to be very boastful about what he did, and even about what he was going to do, I guess: â€Å"My dear fellow,† said Mr. Butt, â€Å"I only wish I could. I wish I had the time. I am sure it would cheer you up immensely if I could. But I'm just going out. † And unfortunately, to hear him speak, you’d think he is boastful about the things he shouldn’t be so boastful. â€Å"I can easily find it† he said about the way he is going to find a house of his friends, as he used to tell us. And to our great surprise we read further: â€Å"I've a very simple system for finding a house at night by merely knocking at the doors in the neighborhood till I get it. † And it almost scares us, as we all know that it is very intolerant to do so. So Mr. Butt started his pleasant full of benevolence trip. It is nonsense to us, how spineless were all those people he disturbed! He said:†I had to knock at twenty houses at least to get it† and we are laughing through the tears at him. Analyzing the night at the Everleigh-Joneses’s we find these two â€Å"poor souls† to be fluently played on by our dear Mr. Butt the Wonder. They were like birds in a cats grasp, but the disturber pays no attention to that, so he can be called really thick-skinned. And to make things still worse he went on boasting about that accident, as I tend to call it from the position of embarrassed couple:† I can talk, you know, when I try. Needless to say, Mr. Butt kept on surprising us. the Everleigh-Joneses were too permissive to say no, so Mr. Butt was imposing himself to them:† Every little while Jones would say, ‘By Jove, it's half past twelve,' or ‘it's one o'clock,' and so on. I took care, of course, not to stay too late. But when I left them I promised that I' d come back to-day to help straighten things up. They protested, but I insisted†. It all characterizes him as a very pig-headed gate-crasher. He also seemed to be a pain in the neck every time he imposed himself to his â€Å"disabled†, as he thought, couple. He was this very kind of person, that give him an inch, and he would take your arm. Too self-important with all his â€Å"I†s in every sentence he was also selfish and, what is more, self-centered. Here is what makes us think this way:† they'd been trying to put them up by themselves in the morning. I had to take down every one of them–not a single one right. † It was very self-righteous and self-willed of him to do this. It’s common with all the people in the world to say:†When in Rome, do as the Romans do†, and we all obedient the rules of others at their places. But to tell the truth, I realized that Mr. Butt liked himself to be such a â€Å"travelling Rome† more than to obedient to anyone or anything. To add some words to it, I’d say he was bossy as well, as we read his insisting words:†Drink it† or â€Å"they never told me or sent for me–just like their grit–meant to fight it out alone. † To continue these chain he seemed to see all his â€Å"friends† as children who had no idea of how the things were to be done, he used to treat them with a parenting patience and love, what were reflections of his bossy, pushy and inconsiderate character though:†no one there but themselves, no one to cheer them up†, â€Å"My dear boy†, â€Å"those two oor souls†, â€Å"poor chap†, â€Å"that dear little woman†, â€Å"that kind little woman†. Though there was much I said about him, it is not all the personality he is about. Mr. Butt embodies a complex mixture of positive and negative traits. To be f rank, he is such a sunny nature to look at. He is spreading all his positive energy all around, trying to make the world better, brighter, kinder:† let's make things a little brighter here†, â€Å"Presently about midnight they seemed to brighten up a little. † That was the real reason for all his deeds. His soul was full of good intentions. He was very sympathetic to all those he helped:†I’m going out there at once†, â€Å"I went in and soothed him†, â€Å"I haven't had an evening to myself since it began. † Wasn’t he generous in his actions? I should say he was. He was so enthusiastic about helping others; he couldn’t spend a day without altruistic deeds on his list:† You may see the beaming face of Mr. Butt appear at the door of all those of his friends who†¦Ã¢â‚¬ , â€Å"I never mind the rain,–does one good†, â€Å"said Mr. Butt one day with an anxious face†. Though he acted very inconsiderately, he did it in such a friendly and polite manner, that people couldn’t fail obeying him:†I don’t mind a bit†, â€Å"I only wish I could†, â€Å"my dear fellow†, â€Å"the way I look at it is†¦Ã¢â‚¬ , etc. To crown it all, he was very grateful to his friends, and it appeals to me very much:† I'm alone in the world and my friends are all I have. † The author treats his character with sarcasm and irony, I guess:â€Å"I knew he wanted me to say it†, â€Å"A few days later Mr. Butt gave me a further report†, â€Å"After that Mr. Butt was very busy selecting the piano†¦Ã¢â‚¬ , â€Å"Eventually, thanks no doubt to Mr. Butt's assiduous care, Everleigh-Jones got well†, etc. He was such a busy body with a lot on his plate all the time, such a born helper, wasn’t he? Of course he was, but he was too flat and static to reflect this changing world and its reality. The leopard can’t change his spots. Such people will always live in our world. Though the past reasons for their actions are loneliness, unhappiness, the lack of satisfaction and the wishes that haven’t come true, they make the world better, they have good intentions, and they inspire people and encourage them. But these personalities are always only seen as weirdoes. People don’t see their positive sides as usual, as it is easier to call them bad, than try to find their good traits. And the reality is that we do not accept their presence around us, unless in a great trouble such a weirdo guy gives us his hand and helps us with his plan of solving everything. And only then we understand. I admire Mr. Butt and his intentions, though he was not all positive. But†¦ What is positive? Everything is relative in this world.

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Euclidean, Spherical, Eliptic, and Hyperbolic geometry

Euclidean, Spherical, Eliptic, and Hyperbolic geometry Free Online Research Papers Though in schools most students learn Euclidean Geometry, there are actually many different types. These different types were developed by other mathematicians who developed theories and research that may have contradicted the work of other mathematicians. This resulted in the formation of four different types of geometry. The four types are Euclidean, Spherical, Eliptic(aslo known as Riemanns geometry), and hyperbolic.(Also known as lobachevskys geometry) Euclidean Geometry which is sometimes called flat or parabolic geometry is named after the greek mathematician Euclid of Alexandria. Euclid lived in alexandria, Egypt and is credited for writing Elements which is considered to be the most successful textbook in the history of mathematics. Also, he is known for his use of logical reasoning to prove mathematical theorems which is still the backbone to mathematics. One of his most credited accomplishments was his reasearch of Euclidean Geometry which is based almost entirely on his studies. Euclidean Geometry is based on rules called postulates. It is different from other geometries because of the parralel postulate which states that through a point not on a given straight line, one and only one line can be drawn that never meets the given line. This is what seperates Euclidean geometry from other types such as Reimann geometry where no parralel lines exist. In Euclidean geometry each point is mapped on a rectangular coordinate system in Euclidean space with a unique set of real numbers. It is used to describe points in space or on a plane to express geometric relations. Spherical geometry contradicts Euclidean geometry in two ways. Spherical geometry states that there are no parralels to a given line through an external point and the sum of angles and triangles is greater than 180 degrees. An understanding of this geometry can be made by considering geometry on the surface of a sphere where the shortest distance between two points is an arc of a great circle reather than a straight line. This is what seperates spherical geometry from Euclidean geometry. Because spherical geometry is based on great circles, all circles meet in two points on a spherical plane meaning that no two circles can be parralel. Also, In spherical geometry triangles and other angles exist where great circles meet. The triangles are formed where three great circles meet, using a portion of the equator and two meridians of longitude whos endpoints connect to one of the poles. Because the two angles at the equator would each measure 90 degrees the sum of all three would exceed 180 degrees. Reimann geometry, which is based on the studies of german mathematician Bernhard Reimann is extremely similar to spherical geometry. Bernhard Reimann is considered to be the most influential mathematician of the mid nineteenth century. His study of geometry, called Riemann geometry or Eliptic Geometry is much like spherical geometry in the statement that there are no parralels to a given line through an external point. Reimann geometry is also known as elliptic geometry because like an elipse, a line in a plane in Reimann geometry has no point at infinity where parralels could intersect. Very opposite the studies of Reimann, is Lobachevskys geometry. Lobachevsky was a russian mathematician who is not only responsible for Hyperbolic geometry but also is credited fordeveloping a method for the approximation of roots of algebraic equations. Lobachevskys Geometry is also known as hyperbolic geometry. It is called hyperbolic geometry because just like a hyperbola has to asymptotes, a line on a hyperbolic plane has two points at infinity. Hyperbolic geometry explores the theorum that the sum of the angles of a triangle is less than 180 degrees which contradicts Reimann, spherical, and euclidean geometry. Euclidean states that the sum of the angles of a traingle always add up to 180 and Reimann and spherical geometries both state that the sum of the angles of a triangle exceeds 180 degrees. The best way to understand the hyperbolic plane is by using the image of a saddle-like or saddle-shaped surface. hyperbolic geometry states that two rays extending in either direction from a point, and not meeting a line are considered to be distinct parralels to that line. Another result of Lobachevskys geometry is the statement that there is a finite upper limit on the area of a triangle, corresponding to a traingle whose sides are parralel and all of whose angles are zero. All four of these types of geometry were developed by brilliant mathematicians and have sufficent proof that none is more correct than the other. All of been very influencial to the world of modern math and math of their own times. They are all huge contributions to the world around and are all widley used throughout the world. Research Papers on Euclidean, Spherical, Eliptic, and Hyperbolic geometryThe Hockey GameThree Concepts of PsychodynamicAssess the importance of Nationalism 1815-1850 EuropeTrailblazing by Eric AndersonMarketing of Lifeboy Soap A Unilever ProductMind TravelEffects of Television Violence on ChildrenStandardized TestingResearch Process Part OneOpen Architechture a white paper

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The Scarlet Letter Essays (409 words) - Film, Free Essays

The Scarlet Letter Essays (409 words) - Film, Free Essays The Scarlet Letter The Scarlet Letter Death, deceit, beauty, and love: These are some of the many themes of Hawthorns The Scarlet Letter. The most visible theme in this novel of the four is love. They say that love can last forever, and this book is written proof. The protagonist, Hester Prynne, is a lovely lady who has committed one of the worst crimes a woman can, adultery. Her husband had sent her over to the new world from Europe. He had asked her to wait for him there until he finished some business. She had waited for two years. When it seemed that he would never come, she gave into temptation. After resurfacing incognito, her husband discovers the identity of the unnamed man that she had relations with. After all of her husband's attempts to destroy their love, they decided on leaving the country. That way they would not have to bear the shame that the town had grown to pay unto them. Even after her newly found love, Arthur Dimmesdale, had passed away her love for him still thrived. The punishment for her crime was she must wear a scarlet A on her bosom for the remainder of her life. Her daughter, Pearl, had stared at it, wondering what it was many times. She had grown accustomed to seeing her mother wearing it. The townspeople had all ridiculed her for her crime, but still commended her on her sewing skills. These skills displayed every day in plain site on Her chest. One event that truly explains the theme of this book is the part in the forest when Pearl sees her mother for the first time as her true self. She saw her as she used to be without the scarlet letter on her chest. Pearl's reaction was that of non-recognition. She would not even approach her mother because she did not recognize her. It was not until her mother put her hair up and the letter back on that she would come back. Though she loved her mother she had grown accustomed to seeing the letter everyday. If you grow up seeing something everyday and then all of a sudden it is gone it can be very traumatizing. Though at first Pearl was afraid of Arthur, she grew to love him in the end. The best part of this book is the theme of everlasting love. The rest of it is actually quite boring. If you like love stories this is a good one to read. There love and hardships end in tragedy just like real life.

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Annotated bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Annotated Bibliography Example Students were then allocated to either ethnically diverse or all Anglo groups. There were around 135 subjects. Individual and group responses were tabulated using Prisoner’s Dilemma task in which participants could either compete or help the other party. It was hypothesized that groups carrying collectivist cultural traditions will be more co-operative compared to the one carrying individualist cultural traditions. The results confirmed the hypothesis. The reasons cited by 82% of the subjects confirmed that they were expecting the other party to cooperate. Further analysis showed that ethnically diverse groups made more co-operative choices than the groups that composed solely of Anglos. The study emphasizes and addresses on one cultural dimension and one behavioral dimension in a collectivist setting. More research needs to be done using cultural differences on the individualism-collectivist dimension. The study helps explain the reader the impact of cultural differences on decision making in an organization when working in groups. It can help him when he is working in a culturally diverse group as he will know what to expect from other group members. It can also contribute to different models on leadership and group work and help reader gain a broader understanding of the organizational demographics. Hoftsede’s framework provides methodological, theoretical and practical contributions in the cultural domain. Its popularity has raised a lot of eyebrows and attracted considerable debate. Thus it became necessary to conduct further research to overcome its limitations. This study, seeks to address those limitations. The general belief that cultural influences reward preference is found in this study. The applicability of Hoftsede’s framework is tested through cross cultural comparison of reward preferences in four countries. The study used data collected from four different countries, comprising of 1000

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Competition Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Competition - Essay Example Competition can serve as a driving force that motivates children to work harder. In a school setting, competition can be a driving force towards better performance. When children recognize that they have rivals at a similar level, they face the compulsion of moving beyond their comfort zone. If there were no rivals, children would remain in their comfort zone without any additional efforts. For this reason, teachers should promote healthy competition within the school setting. In sports, competition can help children improve their talent and become more successful. When children are aware that there is always a winner in sports, they are more likely to nurture their talent. In addition, competition in sports makes children more excited a factor that makes them look forward to participating. Many children who have won in sports recognize the value of hard work and are willing to exert more efforts in other sectors of their lives. In different games, children require competition so that they may find the find the games exciting. Competition in games introduces children to the realities of life, which is defined by different levels of competition. Games that do not encourage competition are less thrilling for children. Many children prefer games that have a winner so that they can have more fun. Introducing children to competition helps them learn how to address losing, which is a common aspect of life. For this reason, healthy competition should be promoted in different aspects of children’s