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Identify components of a typical contract Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Identify components of a typical contract - Essay frameworkContract law is fare on the principle which states that agreements between individuals must be reserved. Literally, it stands for maintaining a set of agreements (Ewan, 2005). In order to take either side of the two parties present in this scenario, it is necessary to image a significant element of a contract as stated in many jurisdictions. The or so significant element of a contract states that if one ships company sets a bid for an arrangement, then other party has to accept the accord. This can be referred to as an arrangement of meeting of the minds or wills of diverse sides (Ewan, 2005). The lowest accord is contested by the parties involved. The winner of the contest has the final say in the accord. The observable interrogative sentence is that a law court cannot interpret the minds of the parties involved. This leads to the contract being judged without bias, with only limited space for skeptical the contract s intention. There ought to be confirmation that the parties had both, from an objective view, engaged in a contract that made clear their agreement. The confirmation should lead to a contract being created if the sides have arrived at such a state. An objective view means that it is only essential that an individual gives the sense of accepting or offering contractual conditions. This condition should be in view of a realistic individual, who in naive realism looks to create a legible contract (Barnett, 2003).Jud Wheeler bought the 10 acre piece of land from Krause Company at an agreed price that the two parties settled. The Krause Company later came to the understanding that it had sold its land at a low value which it thought that the buyer, Jud Wheeler, had enticed them to sell. The agreements of the two parties go with the element of a contract that states if one party sets a bid for an arrangement, then the other party has to accept the accord. Jud Wheeler came up

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Acer Group Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

genus genus Acer Group - Essay ExampleWhen Stan Shih founded the Acer meeting of companies in 1976 it was more than obvious that the firm was bound to take some wide strides with this celebrated unwrap who made news worldwide by commercialising Taiwans initial desktop calculatorToday Acer boasts of commendable rankings in the application by being No. 4 in the Personal Computer market, No. 3 in the market for notebooks and No. 3 as a computer manufacturer in the face of huge competitors like Sony and others. Stan is about to retire in three years and Acer has suffered a loss of $29 million in the PC industry so Stan has diverted his expertise and attention towards making the participation even more competitive in order to give it a fortified foundation of withstand after he retires. target is a large brand for Acer under which they control produced a number of technological products in the world. drive has had problems during the development stage whereas if these problems w ere dealt with proficiently and so this brand would have had a truly aspiring brand image. Acer and Stan need to focus on the leverage points viz. efficiency (economies of scale and comparative advantage globally), knowledge leverage (strategic use of human resources and ideas on a global platform) and responsiveness (to embrace local consumer demands) (Bartlett & Ghoshal 1989).Stan mustiness disapprove Aspires continued development because it is most-valuable to a put a halt to further developments in order to study the current problems its facing. The existing discrepancies must be removed in order to develop further otherwise the problems might become heavy rooted and also fatal. It is important to climb the first few steps of a ladder efficiently without being in danger of falling d make and getting hurt before reaching the top. Acer faced problems during the development of Aspire and these problems still exist. Acer is a large multinational operating in Asia, Europe, and America etc. Obviously, the company has regional departments in these countries and in order to maintain a strong brand image in the market a common goal, strategy and communication strategy be required. Acer lacks these and due this they faced problems in positioning themselves as a strong brand when it comes to Aspire. It is important for all regional offices around the world to share a similar spirit of growth, values, standards, communication strategies etc in order to take mutual decisions as a company on the whole and not dear as a regional office. Aspire has a number of brand concomitants and product types being sell under one brand name and the company has not been able to position each extension with a common goal or insight in mind. Aspire is known to be a very adaptable brand since it has been changed to suit the consumer demands for every distinguishable region in a different way. This has caused major brand identity problems for Acer and Aspire. The same brand under Aspire has been positioned to be a luxurious and elite brand in Singapore and the opposite in Europe. But it also shows that Aspire is doing a good job when it comes to responsiveness in the leverage points. This has weakened the brand equity for Aspire and has resulted in brand dilution. This shows that a strong corporate agriculture is absent in Acer and this results in a weak brand image and positioning for any company or brand because then customers do not know how to relate with the brand. All the regional departments and offices are working on their own values and standards to fit the culture, demand or society of the region. Due to the lack of a strong organisational culture it is evident that synergism is absent and the company is leaving loopholes for failures. All these problems must be looked into and it is important for Stan and Acer to come up with a solution before approving any further developments for Aspire.

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Sex in the media (telecommunication) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Sex in the media (telecommunication) - Essay causeThe issue is a disturbing yet interesting phenomenon that coincides with the growing media expansion and the sexual sophistication of a younger audience who spend unending hours in front of the television.Probably the most divisive subjects when it comes to the medias responsibility toward society is its powerful control over teens, who, according to a Neilson Study conducted in 2009, spends 104 hours a month watching tv (US Teens Spend...par 7). That the media powerfully shapes teens sexual lives to generally deleterious effect is widely interpreted for granted by politicians, parents, religious leaders, journalists, and even teens themselves (Carpenter par 2), and according to a Pew Study, 75% of the 1,505 adults polled...would give care to see tighter enforcement of government rules on broadcast content... (Facts and TV Statistics par 1).One of the major issues involves teen gestation and its relationship to sex on television. While there have been many studies done, no one batch seem to agree whether the sexual content on television actually has the negative affect approximately insist. We and network officials can argue the point forever, however there are many who, working with children each day, see the effects in a very concrete way.One of them is Eileen Hart, in whose opinion it is non only true regarding pregnancy, but believes that as a society we should at minimum expect the teachingal system to counteract the damage. She suggests it be done through the teaching of rhetorical in English education to prepare students to critically evaluate media messages. She cites television as an especially damaging purveyor of inaccurate sexual images in an environment where sensory stimuli combined with relaxed, non-critical viewing strongly correlates with negative teen behaviors that result in teen pregnancy (Hart 1).Along with how teens assess what they see in the media, most of the visual information

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The Importance of Progression Planning and Retaining Human Resources Essay

The Importance of Progression Planning and Retaining Human Resources Within Hong Kong Construction Organizations - Essay ExampleFrom this knowledge it is clear that macau has a large demand for construction workers because of the opening up of the gaming persistence with a record 10,000 Hong Kong construction workers being employed in Macau in 2008. chinaware has been employing Hong Kong surveyors, architects and engineers extensively. The relocation of construction talent to China and Macau is due to the opportunity to work on high-profile, large and iconic projects at these destinations. Apart from China and Macau, Singapore and Malaysia sport also been competing for proficient engineers based in Hong Kong. The manpower needs in the domain in Hong Kong is expected to grow at 1.9 percent annually by 2018. However, Hong Kong has not demonstrated win over in the use of technology in the sector while safely and quality continues to be an issue. This has squeeze the local labor market in Hong Kong as higher incentives and pay structure have wrick essential to attract talent in the industry. Major construction projects such as railways and housing have been conceived but the retirement of the ageing workers and the reluctance of the younger generation to join the industry are any(prenominal) of the other challenges for the sector in Hong Kong. The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors has released a statement in February 2014 that skilled shortage in the Hong Kong construction market is high among quality surveyors, bricklayers, carpenters and joiners. Despite technological changes the Hong Kong construction industry continues to be labor-intensive and crafts based.

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Copywriting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Copy authorship - Essay Example publicize in all its forms brings much to the quality of the product and the result of its production. Different mediums also make finical demands as to the form and content of the advertising copy. In the following survey three kinds of advertising materials give be observed. All of them belong to the same company, producing online, shargonware and CD games for PC, PDA and smartphones. These materials are as follows a freshlys earn with the advertising of a new game, a printed advertisement of a new CD released and a standard as the sample of online advertising.It is necessary to observe the briny tips that a copywriter needs to observe while writing this or that kind of material. The first item to be examined is a newsletter that is de conk outred to the user by mail. The main points that are to be considered mostly concern the form of the future writing. The heading should be informative and brief. It should gestate the information that would grab a customers attention and make him read further. (Hallahan) The best of all would be to augur the benefit which would be available for the customer with the help of the product advertised.Of course, creativeness and figurativeness are welcome, as they add emotional element. Surely, headline may also implement some other idea it may be intriguing, nevertheless not obscure, or it may stamp down some underlying theme, but this should be clear nice to be understood by any customer.(Hallahan) The newsletter we observe starts with the headline Bubble Obsession termination into battle. It may seem unclear and senseless at first sight, but some elucidation will be helpful. This newsletter is delivered to the existing clients of the company, not to the potential customers to engage them to buy a new version of an old product, a Bubble Shooter game, so they know what it is going about and they are getting informed that the following text will tell them about new features of an ol d product. In case this text is seen by a person who didnt see the previous release, he is likely to be intrigued and to proceed reading. The other guideline advices to enumerate the most outstanding features of the product, and put them as a refer of be clear and brief points, like, for instance the point user profiles with photos of each player in the letter we observe. The only one remark that can be referred to the point is that it is more preferable to describe a feature from the point of view of the benefit the customer would gain, rather than the feature of the product. (Hallahan) So, the point cited from the letter is to give out like you may now create and save your profile with photo. As far as the body is concerned, it should be divided into several passages, each of them describing the features that are listed above. Here is the sample passage Your all in all family is sure to get involved into endless hours of playing. Due to the possibility of creating player profil es, everyones game and settings are saved separately. Here you may create your profile with the photo, your own one or one of those included into the game. The other necessary point to be followed refers to the style of the writing. It should be written in short sentences, with easy words. wide awake voice and present tense are also preferable. Of course, it is necessary to watch punctuation and grammar. (Hallahan) Those requirements are carry through in the writing Flexible 3D graphical effects make the game really live and breathing. You may adjust the effects fully to your taste and computer.The second copy to be examined is printed advertising. Printed ad should contain headline, subtitle, body, signature, mandatory, metaphor. Subtitle elaborates the headline, giving more information, signature contains the name or logo of the company, mandatory includes terms and conditions and illustration may contain graphics. (Marcus) This copy contains all of these elements. Here is the example of the subtitle Our company wishes you and your families Merry Christmas and cheerful holidays We present to you our Christmas gift -

Evaluation of Diabetes Mellitus Intervention Plan Essay

Evaluation of Diabetes Mellitus Intervention Plan - set about ExampleThe paper looks into the evaluation of the treatment plans proposed earlier.Nutrition formed the necessary intervention plan for diabetic patients because of the sensitivity of the condition to blood sugar levels. Blood sugar levels depend directly on the forage adopted by a patient. The evaluation of the nutrition plan looks into the physiological changes in the patients. A pardon evaluation plan dictates the success of the dietary intervention computer programmes because adjustments are possible to ascertain the accomplishment of the think purpose (Ali, Echouffo-Tcheugui & Williamson, 2012). As a change in lifestyle, nutritional adjustment should come with benefits.Evaluation of the intervention plans can take place via three different strategies. With each type designed to ensure the patients pitiable from diabetes mellitus comply and exhibit an improvement in their health status. The first method is the f ormative that entails providing the diabetic patients with instruction regarding a particular intervention plan. At this stage, the patients must confirm their full comprehension of the beneficial features of the program in question. In the nutritional intervention program, the patients need to be fully aware of the advantages of adjusting their diet. It is mandatory for the nanny-goat to confirm the convenience and suitability of the nutritional program for its intended purpose. Scientific coherence consideration occurs at the informative stage.The second method applicable in the evaluation of the nutritional plan is process evaluation. It is brisk for the nurses to have information perception adopted by the patients of the plan. The process evaluation presents a platform with which the nurses can determine the level of interest and willingness of the diabetic patients to embrace the nutritional plan. At this point, based on the reaction of the patients, adjustments are